All Donations through PayPal are made to WEareSCPA PTSO

the Parent Teacher Student Organization

for Cincinnati's School for Creative & Performing Arts

and Directly Benefit SCPA Students & Faculty


Many of you have expressed interest in donating financially to the WEareSCPA PTSO for the Teacher Appreciation events and other supply, event and material needs.  We have great news, as we now have a quick and easy and secure way to do just that with just a few clicks of a button!   We have created a PayPal Account, so you can transfer your donation directly to WEareSCPA PTSO.  

Here's how you do it:
* Simply log in (or sign up) to
* Click on 'Send' at the top of the screen
* Enter our email address
* Enter the amount you would like to donate
* Click Continue and you're done!